Email Marketing

For several years, I have been on the email list for Bloomingdale’s. I believe that I joined their email list one day as I was shopping online and was looking to check out, where it prompted me to create an account with the site where I could save items I was looking at and go back to them to purchase at a later date. This was an effective way to get me to join their list, as I don’t always like to purchase something the moment I look at it, but this allowed me to save items for later. However, Bloomingdale’s does make one major mistake when it comes to their emails. Their frequency. I usually receive two emails from Bloomingdale’s every single day. They email me so frequently that my email directly files them into a separate part of my mailbox that I have to check separately. Because they send me so many,  I look at maybe 10 to 15% of the emails they send me, and that is probably a little generous on my part. When I do look at my emails from Bloomingdale’s, there are so many from them that my initial instinct is to only look at the one’s with numbers in their subject lines. When I see numbers, there is usually a sale or offer that they’re providing me; something along the lines of “20% off Today Only!”  or “$15 off Every Purchase of $150 or More”. If there are no numbers in the subject line, I assume that there isn’t a sale or promotion, or at least not one that applies to my shopping habits, so I do not open them.

Screenshot (12)    Screenshot (13)When I do open them, there is usually a call to action to get in on the sale. There are usually several links that will bring me to separate parts of their website that align with different sales. One link may bring me to the the landing page of their shoe department, while the other will bring me to handbags, leading me to their respective sales. The page will also have a PromoCode that I need to use at checkout to actually get whatever deal they are promoting. This causes me to keep their email open and usually have to look at it twice to remember what it is at checkout. I have to physically engage with this email, and even looking at the sale in the subject line will not provide me with the code needed to get a deal.  Usually there are several deals included in the email, so there is a decent amount of content, but as Bloomingdale’s is a department store, they have a lot of products to sort through, and it is useful to have several departments highlighted in one email.

Most of the emails I receive seem to be sent to the to the entire database, and sometimes I will get emails that I know do not reflect my own buying history (sometimes receiving ads for Men’s department sales). However, occasionally there are emails that are only sent to a segment, as I receive emails about events that are occurring at my local Bloomingdale’s. It would make no sense for them to send these emails to anyone who does not shop at that particular store.

The emails I receive from Bloomingdale’s usually prompt me into their site, however I do not usually make a purchase. Unless there are unusually good sales or an item that I have been looking for is on sale, I don’t shop regularly at Bloomingdale’s. I will look around their site and click through several pages, but in terms of a conversion to a purchase, I am not a positive recipient of their emails.

For Bloomingdale’s next email to me, my main suggestion would be to wait a week or so. My inbox is so inundated with their usually irrelevant emails that I pass them over. If they cut down on their emails and stop sending out general announcements about certain trends, I would be more likely to read more of them and interact with their site more frequently.




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