Spotlight on SEO

As I look to set up this blog as a place where I can reach many people, there has to be increased traffic in my site. This can be achieved through specific SEO goals and working hard to enhance all my SEO measures. Search Engine Optimization is important for a blog such as this one, as there are already so many film blogs that exist, many of them preaching the same things over and over again. This is why in order to get my blog more traffic, I must focus on my keywords and URL to gain viewers.

The main focus of this blog is not only film, but women in film and Hollywood. That is what must be specifically targeted in the keywords I choose to use. This will be an effective way to make sure that individuals who are specifically looking for information about women in Hollywood can filter through other sites and find exactly what they are looking for.

The title tags that I use will have to be specifically women or film oriented, and many times will be phrases that are a combination of the two. It is the foundation of the blog and it will be what people are looking for. However, that being said, I must shy away from repetition, meaning that the content must be original. According to, this is one of the most important aspects of gaining traction and being an original blog that people will be likely to explore. If it is unoriginal, there is no competing with more popular sites. While keeping keywords that are the same as other sites to draw individuals in, there must still be original content that will keep them returning to the site and going through different pages.

Google Keyword Planner will be an excellent way for me to target these specific keywords and to analyze how they are relating to my URL and to my header and title tags. It is important that the information about what is included in the content is quickly and easily seen, while still being attractive and looked at as desirable content.

This is only a beginning on how my SEO tactics will have to change, and once I can figure out how to make my Google Keyword Planner tools work I will be underway to posting more and more with relevant tags that will hopefully bring in more traffic.

To learn more about SEO and figure out how this blog will be laid out in the future, look at Professor Pepe’s blog at:


I’m Ready For My Closeup, Mr. DeMille

Women have been a vital part of Hollywood ever since film made it’s breakthrough in the early twentieth century. Despite their perceived dominance on screen, women have struggled to establish themselves as serious additions to film history. Women, even in the twenty-first century, still work to be seen as serious contenders among their male peers…

Now that that is out of the way, let me introduce the point of this blog. I hereby promise not to complain on every post. This is a place not only to discuss the struggles women face in being taken seriously in Hollywood, but to celebrate their accomplishments as well. I’ll be following the work of female actors, directors, editors, screenwriters, you name it, over the next few weeks. I’ll be discussing their role in the coming Oscar’s race, and how they play in to the traditionally non-diverse role they place. I’ll also try to update my calendar with movie release dates for films that are directed by, or targeted towards women.

Women have been struggling to break out of their traditional roles in film, and have struggles making steps in genres that are typically seen as masculine. When women do make films in this genre or step beyond drama and romance, they receive great amounts of criticism, and most often this comes from the public, rather than critics (See last summer’s Ghostbusters release).

But despite harshness and cruelty from others, this year is shaping up to be one of the most profound for female directors and actors. The world is moving beyond the typically male driven film, and films are not being made solely for men or women anymore. And this is to be celebrated, which I hope to do over the next few weeks. I promise not to be a feminist kill-joy, and might even convince you that feminist film is the future, for audiences of all genders.